Williamstown FC - Premiership Photos

The 1907 premiership team

Back Row (players only): Mathew Outen (vice-captain)*, Ernie Jamieson*, Bob Monar*, Dick Bliss, Jim Addison*,  Percy Garbutt*, Bob Briggs*, Howard Lewis*

Centre (players only): Frank 'Jinner' Worroll*, Bert Reitman*, Wyn Outen*, Bob Ferguson (President), Ted Alley (captain)*, Billy Jones*, Tommy Hall, H. Pilkington

Front Row: W. O’Shea*, Arthur Caldwell*, Bobby Gibbs Jnr*, Bill Lambert, Jim 'Ginger' Caldwell*, Dick McKay*

Absent: Bayliss, William Carrie, R.J. Johnson*, Peter Kennedy, Livingstone, Will Reid, Alphonse 'Phonso' Wood, A.E. 'Duck' Fletcher and Paddy Noonan

* Played in the Grand Final v. West Melbourne at East Melbourne Cricket Ground, Saturday 28 September, 1907. Scores: Williamstown 7.10.52 to West Melbourne 3.16.34

The 1921 premiership team

Back row: Dave Elliman*, Bob King*, Jim 'Corker' Jamieson*, Charlie Stanbridge*, Cyril 'Pompy' Blunt, Harry Haughton*, F. Clark, R. Armstrong*, Tom Geisler*.

Centre row: Hugh Munro*, Fred Carpenter*, Herb Miles*, Jim 'Ginger' Caldwell (captain-coach)*, Dick Condon (vice-captain)*, Jim McAuliffe*, Jack MacDonald*.

Front row: Jack O’Connell*, Laurie Smith*, Stan Mitchell*, Norm McDonald*

* Played in the Grand Final v. Footscray at Fitzroy Cricket Ground, Saturday 22 October, 1921. Scores: Williamstown 8.9.57 to Footscray 5.9.39

The 1939 premiership team

Back row: Martin Phelan, Roger Hagan, Oswald Moloney, Tom Ward, Reg Outen, George Fitch*, Stan Jamieson*

Second back row: Eric Glass*, Jim Quinn*, Bert McTaggart*, Matt Cave*, Jack McDonagh*, Colin Wilcox*, Clive Fairbairn, Doug Menzies*

Second front row: Cliff Johnson*, Eddie Deller*, Harry Vallence*, Gordon Ogden (captain-coach)*, Reg Thomas (vice-captain)*, Arthur Cutting*, Bill Spokes*.

Front row: Norm Chisholm*, Jack Paterson*, Bob Willet*, Maurie Hartney

* Played in the Grand Final v. Brunswick at Melbourne Cricket Ground, Saturday 7 October, 1939. Scores: Williamstown 14.20.104 to Brunswick 14.11.95

The 1945 premiership team:

Back row: N. Hanley, Keith Jenkins, Stan Fox, Reg Harley*, Reg Featherby*, R Smith, Len Reid

Second row: Norm Chisholm*, Dick Harris*, Athol Teasdale (19th man, not used)*, George Archibald*, Reg Ryan*, Jack Scarffe, Jack Vinall, Doug Dowling*

Seated: Bruce Chapman*, Hugh Torney, Cliff Johnson*, Maurie Hearn (captain-coach)*, Eric Glass (vice-captain)*, Ron Todd*, Colin Wilcox*

Front row: Geoff Spring*, Fred 'Snowy' Matthews*

Absent: Arthur Cutting*, Ben Le Seuer*, Jack Cockburn*

* Played in the Grand Final v. Port Melbourne at St Kilda Cricket Ground, Saturday 6 October, 1945. Scores: Williamstown 16.21.117 to Port 10.20.80

The 1949 premiership team

Back row: Alan Strang*, John Leonard, Theo Greenland*, Bruce Chapman, Gordon 'Kisser' Cameron*, Jack Danckert*, Max Hughes

Third row: Bill Redmond, Keith Abberton*, Norm Bernard*, Fred Bishop, Murray McRae*, Lou Salvas*, Alf Sampson*, Gordon Williams*

Second row: Lou Barker*, Reg Featherby*, Colin Wilcox (Vice-Captain)*, Ron Todd (Captain)*, Bill 'Bomber' Wells*, Johnny Walker*

Front row: Bill Sheahan*, Mal MacPherson*, John Molyneux*, Fred 'Snowy' Matthews*, Kevin Taylor

* Played in the Grand Final v. Oakleigh at St Kilda Cricket Ground, Saturday 1 October, 1949. Scores: Williamstown 10.5.65 to Oakleigh 8.14.62


The 1954 premiership team

Back row: Bob Jones, John Ramsay*, Jack Curran*, Keith Abberton*, Len Kent*, Max Munday*, Jack Evans, Dale Anderson*, Harry Simpson*, Sid Wookey*

Middle row: Ray Smith*, Gerry Callahan (captain)*, Wally Carter (coach), Alby Linton (vice-captain)*, Neil Whitaker*

Front row: Alan Leigh*, Johnny Martin*, Frank Sims*, George Taafe*

Absent: Reg Harley*, Ian McLeod*, Noel Alford*, Reg Fisher*

* Played in the Grand Final v. Port Melbourne at St Kilda Cricket Ground, Saturday 2 October, 1954. Scores: Williamstown 11.20.86 to Port 7.12.54


The 1955 premiership team:

Back row: John Ramsay*, Bob Jones*, Alan McPherson*, Jack Curran*, Len Kent, Sid Wookey*, Jack Evans*, Reg Fisher*, Harry Simpson*

Second row: Neil Whitaker*, Max Munday*, Gerry Callahan (Captain)*, Wally Carter (Coach), Alby Linton (Vice-Captain)*, Eric Beitzel*, Alby Outen*

Front row: Jack McTaggart, Johnny Martin*, Maurie Gear*, Frank Sims*, Ray Smith*, Reg Ogden, Alan Cuff

Absent: George Taafe*, Allen Laurie*

* Played in the Grand Final v. Port Melbourne at St Kilda Cricket Ground, Saturday 24 September, 1955. Scores: Williamstown 13.19.97 to Port 13.10.88


The 1956 premiership team

Back row: Reg Ogden, Maurie Gear*

Second back row: Frank Sims*, Alf Woods, Alby Outen*, Johnny Martin*, John McTaggart, Ray Smith*, Eric Bietzel*

Second row: Daryl Ward, John Turner, Max Munday*, Jack Evans*, Bob Jones*, John Ramsay*, Ken Reed*, Allen Laurie*

Front row: Alan McPherson*, Sid Wookey*, Jack Curran*, Wally Carter (coach), Gerry Callahan (captain)*, Frank Jones*, Len Kent*

Absent: Reg Fisher*, Alby Linton*

* Played in the Grand Final v. Port Melbourne at St Kilda Cricket Ground, Saturday 29 September, 1956. Scores: Williamstown 14.18.102 to Port 10.18.78


The 1959 premiership team

Left to right: Gerry Callahan, Eric Beitzel, Ray Smith, Tom Pelly, Leo Maloney, Jack Evans, Barry Beitzel, Len Kent, George Mazouris, Bob Jones, Lindsay Murphy, Roy Cullinan, Robert Jones, Don Matthews, John Ramsay, Col Colquhoun

The two reserves, Daryl Ward and Bob Rawson, are not shown.

The 1969 premiership team:

Back row: Ian Johnson, Paul Hayward, Robert Percy, Brian Harvey, Owen Madigan

Second row: Graham Buchanan, Ron Page, Ron Viney, Terry O’Mara, Bill Mitchell, Dallas Patterson

Front row: Andy Camilleri, John Whittington, Ken Barnes (Vice-Captain), Max Papley (Captain/Coach), Tom Russell, Kevin Jackman, Bob Smith

Absent: Bob Lane, Mick Mulligan

The 1976 premiership team

Back row: P. Kerr, B. Lowe, M. Brown, J. Fanning, G. Boxall, P. Gardner, R. Burgess.

Second row: M. Mahoney, M. Allen (captain-coach), R. Percy, C. Boyd.

Front row: F. Briner, G. Harley, M. Cross, F. Porcevina, G. Tweedly.

Absent: P. Mildenhall, B. Alexander.

The 1986 premiership team

Back row: Andy Maher, Bill Mitchell, Tom McGowan, Phillip Brook, Peter Shorthouse, Rob Dimartino, Alun Owen, Wayne Muschialli, Vince Dimartino, Stephen Eather, Steve Knight.

3rd row: Peter Lane, Laurie Taylor, Grant Smith, Andrew Gibson, Barry Round, Kim Kershaw, Tony Dullard, Glenn Murphy, Tony Pastore, Ian Rickman, Sandy Morrison.

2nd row: Mark Kennedy, Rick Knight, Ricky Slevison, Bruce Davis, Terry Wheeler (C/C), Kevin Hughes, Chris Sandells, Doug Cooper.

Front row: Lindsay Cahill, Brett McTaggart, Ron James, Steven Weir, Paul John, Larry Simmons, Nick Dimartino, Kevin Sait.

Absent: Mark Fotheringham (V.C.)

The 1990 premiership team

Back row (left to right): Marcus O’Connor, Brett Gould, Wayne Muschailli, Greg Minett, Rick Slevison, Steve Johansen

Centre row:Troy Mitchell, Bruce Mourney, Jack Aziz, Andrew Howlett, Simon Lloyd, Tony Pastore.

Front row: Chris Burton, Ian Rickman, Brett McTaggart, Barry Round (captain/coach), Grant Smith, Billy Swan.

2003 VFL Premiership Team

The 2003 reserve premiership team

Rear Row Left to Right: Adam Hough (Runner), Salesi Uhi, Heath Lawry, Justin Crow, Steve Eichner, Luke Jarrad, Adam Butler, Wayne Taylor (Assistant Coach).

Centre Row Left to Right: Luke Theodore, Leigh Sheehan, Clint Runnalls, Scott Ralph, Brendon Hollow, Terry Knight, Kurt Gowers, Luke Mullins.

Front Row Left to Right: Tom Hill, Aaron Ramsay, Matthew Pearce, Anthony Eames (Coach), Ben Kelly (Co-Captain), Clint Rippon, Scott Taylor.

Absent: Trevor Monti (President), Matthew Cape (Co-Captain), Nick McArdle.

2008 VFL Reserves Premiership Team 

2015 Development League Premiership side 

2015 VFL Premiership Side


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