Williamstown memorabilia appeal


Following on from the success of the recent National Trust Heritage Festival held in April, Williamstown Football Club would now like to appeal to anyone out there who holds any memorabilia or artefacts such as:

• seasons tickets

• annual reports

• VFA Recorders

• newspaper cuttings

• scrapbooks

• photographs

• cigarette cards or any other trading cards

• or any other objects relating to the history of the Williamstown Football Club

... to consider donating these items to add to the Club’s collection!

Alternatively, if you have objects that you are reluctant to part with, the Club can make copies of anything you may have.

For those of you who viewed the Heritage Festival, you can be assured that the Club values and treasures these historical objects and treats them with the utmost respect. To have a central repository for these artefacts also ensures that the history of the Club is ensured for future generations to enjoy.

It is also hoped that with future developments at Downer Oval that there will be a space to have a lot of the Club’s historical objects displayed on a permanent basis, in addition to the premiership cups and other items that have been on display in the glass cabinets in the foyer of the Seaview Events Centre and Seagulls Nest for some years.

To donate or obtain further information, please contact the Club on (03) 9391 0309 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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