Williamstown's monstrous world record score

Did you know Williamstown once scored 110 goals in a single game? Here's a story put together by WFC member Geoff van Wyngaarden.  

(Photo: Stephen Cooke booted 46 goals in Williamstown thirds' historic victory).

In 1983, a world record score for any code of football was achieved by the Williamstown Football Club Thirds team which played in the VFA Under 18s.

The score was 110.27 (687).

This is a record which will probably never be beaten. The closest has been a country football team which recorded a score of 100 goals.   

The circumstances of the victory were common for the opposition, the Geelong West Thirds, around this time. Geelong West had a very strong senior team playing in the VFA first division.  

They were premiers in 1975 and regular finalists in the top grade most other seasons. However, their Thirds struggled to recruit players to travel all over the Melbourne area for games. 

Geelong West never had younger age group teams and the youth of the area preferred to play with their local sides in the strong Geelong league. 

At the time of this historic match, it was 16 players per team on the ground and the Williamstown side only had 17 players with one on the bench. 

Williamstown Football Club veteran timekeeper Graeme Crocker has kept the records of all matches played since he has been the timekeeper at the club. 

Not only has he been timekeeper for Williamstown’s Seniors, Seconds and Thirds, but he has also kept time for the VFA representative team. Graeme has been timekeeper for over 35 years which includes over 1600 games. He has kept his original time cards and player goal kicking lists for all matches and is also a life member of both the Williamstown Football Club and the Williamstown Cricket Club, for whom he is scorer.   

For the record, the match was played at the Williamstown Football Ground on July 23, 1983. The match started at 2:05pm and finished at 5:01pm. The four quarters had time-on of nine, 15, 19 and 14 minutes which is not exceptional considering there were 139 scoring shots and 112 goals in the match. 

I personally was at the game but left in the third quarter to see a closer game at the nearby Fearon Reserve. I remember the Geelong West players coming out of their rooms at half time in dribs and drabs and looking totally demoralised. They finished with a score of 2.0 (12).

All 17 Williamstown players scored a goal.

Geelong West also had scores of 93 and 87 goals kicked against it in 1983.

Coach of the Williamstown side was successful veteran junior coach Dave Hughes. 

Of those boys who kicked the ‘world record score’, only one, Philip Brook, went on to play senior football with Williamstown. 

Club secretary Bob Pearman and senior club officials Terry Maloney and John Clifton saw the game from the Bayview Room upstairs in the grandstand. 

On the ground was Williamstown head trainer Kelly Brent and trainer John Hogg. 

GOALS: Stephen Cooke 46, Philip Brook 12, Grant Bunting 10, Steven Lucas 10, Paul Stewart 5, Ray Arandez 5, Donato Doria 4, Michael Hobbs 4, Stephen Neenan 3, Jeff Selvidge 2, David Temby 2, Robert McLaughlin 2, Robert Andres, Glen Chamberlain, Darren Harrison, Darren Hickey, Ashleigh Teagle. 

Stephen Cooke was quoted in a newspaper publication after the game saying: "I should mention, the other mob only had 12 players turn up and at the final siren they were down to eight through injuries and things. I felt sorry for them, especially when they had to be coaxed out at half time."

Cooke took 30 marks for the game and had a total of 54 scoring shots.  


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